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Want to resell beeswax putty?

Buy a pack of 50 samples so that you can test the product with your staff and customers.

Packaged & Ready for Retail:

  • Individually packed samples (Qty 50) with barcode sku
  • $0.60 Per Sample x 50 samples  = $29.95 (Free Shipping)
  • Each sample is about the size of a marble

What do you do with it?

For one, skin repair.  Rub it over dry skin and sensitive areas for a soothing moisturizing when lotion just doesn't cut it.

Fiber artists love to moisturize their hands without fear of dyes or greasy substances soiling their projects.

Parents of children with autism use it as a fidget therapy without dyes being smeared on walls or clothing and without worry in case it is eaten as it is all-natural.

People massage in their own essential oils for a custom blend, scent or healing property like using emu or arnica oil for pain relief.

Non-Toxic Ingredients 
All-natural beeswax, lanolin, cotton & cornstarch

  • Naked Blend - Slight honey smell with no scent added
  • Soothing Scents - Essential oils crafted to battle anxiety

    Frequent Questions

    • Why? It feels good - Skin, fingers, hand, wrist & forearms love us
    • How long will it last? - About a week (with heavy use)
    • Free shipping? - Always free shipping on orders over $25
    • Is it safe? - Safe for kids and pets; even if ingested
    • Satisfaction Guarantee? - Return unused portion for a full refund

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