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Massage it in your hands.  Your body heat warms the wax and it turns into a firm but pliable putty. Rub around your hands and elbows to protect and repair dry skin. Also use as a fidget & hand therapy putty. 

Non-Toxic Ingredients 
All-natural beeswax, lanolin, cornstarch and cotton

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Beeswax Putty With Many Uses

Repair & Protect Dry Skin

Beeswax has several potent benefits for the skin.  It has a protective barrier that breathes (without smothering the skin).  It hydrates by attracting water.  It's a good source of Vitamin A.  It has a nice fragrance.  Soothes itching skin.  Beeswax and lanolin work together to penetrate every layer of your skin to offer corrective action that will leave your skin moisturized (but not greasy).  A thorough application can remain in your skin for days which offers a more thorough protection than most lotions can.  

Knitter's & Spinner's Putty

Use beeswax putty to help with spinning fine fibers such as silk, cotton and angora with out leaving a greasy residue on your hands or your fiber. As a spinner, you will find that you are strengthening and moisturizing your hands while your fiber is being conditioned and more manageable. Helps with "fly aways" and static build up. Develops hand strength and dexterity for long hours of production spinning. Add essential oils such as Emu oil and Arnica to help with inflammation.

Increase Hand & Finger Strength

Not only does our all natural beeswax putty have wonderful moisturizing properties that melt away calloses, help calm eczema and scoriasis, but is a tremendous hand strengther. It allows you to not only strenthen your overall hand but individual finger and wrist strength as well. Increase your dexterity and flexibility by warming the putty in your hand. Whether you suffer from arthritis pain or post surgery therapy, or simply looking to increase range of motion and mobility.

Massage in essentials oils

For further healing, warm the putty in your hands and massage in your favorite blend of essential oils.  Penetrating your skin with a fine layer of beeswax coupled with Argon and Emu oils makes the perfect recipe for many ailments. This is the perfect way to apply your favorite essential oils. 

Uses around the home

Beeswax Putty can be used around the home as a wood finishing wax, to "unstick" a drawer, preserve bronze, lube screws, condition a wood cutting board, polish concrete counters, preserve a patina and waterproof leather.


I love this putty! I have tried several products over the years, but Beeswax Putty is the only one that I have found that not only moisturizes my hands, but also conditions my fiber just enough to make it more manageable with out leaving a greasy residue. I am a production spinner and find that if I condition my hands it not only helps loosen them up, but over time has helped my hand strength and stamina. I do have arthritis in my hands so I prefer the Arnica oil blend for inflammation. I am also able to feel the fiber so much more after about 30 minutes or so of using it. I can fell every layer of my skin. So thankful to have found this- it's now my favorite go to!

 The first time I tried this was as an earplug (which was amazing).  I was able to drown out all of the noises within the office and for the first time I could focus and stay on task.  I got so much work done!  But then I noticed how good my hands felt and I kept rubbing the putty over dry patches and they instantly disappeared and rarely came back over time.  While rubbing on my hands, I noticed the exercise that I could get with my hands and wrists.  So yeah, I'm that guy shoving it in my ears, rubbing it on my hands and elbows and squeezing it all through the work day and nights too.

After using beeswax putty, I will never go back!  I suffer from carpal tunnel and arthritic pain and I started using beeswax putty for hand strength.  After using it for a few days, I noticed a difference in my flexibility too!


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