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All-Natural • Fidget • Sculpt • Mold • Moisturize • Add Essential Oils


Use Beeswax Putty™ as a moisturizer, fidget & hand therapy putty and sculpting material.
Warm it with your hands as your body heat warms the wax and it turns into a firm but pliable putty.
Massage in your favorite essential oils for further healing.
Rub it around and play with it to put a fine layer of Beeswax Putty™ on your skin.

Non-toxic & all-natural Ingredients

Beeswax, lanolin, cornstarch, cotton and grapefruit seed extract


I'm still waiting for my putty to thaw after being in my freezing mailbox, but the little bit I rub it in my hand left my hands feeling amazingly soft. I purchased the naked version to add EOs and also got a sample of the Red Clover Tea. It smells AMAZING. Can't wait to put it to good use!


I just got my samples today and tried the red clover tea. It smells wonderful! At first I didn't like the putty. I was unprepared for the tacky feeling it leaves. But I got used to it quickly and love it. I suffer from excoriation disorder (compulsive skin picking) and using the putty has completely nixed my picking! The resistance is perfect, and the coating it leaves gives me constant sensory input so I don't have the urge to seek it via picking. The moisturizing properties will help heal my shredded cuticles. Very few products help me, so I'm very surprised and will purchase again! I can see this not going over well with some people, but really well with others.


I'm on my second order and a few weeks into regular use of this fidget putty. I suffer from compulsive skin picking, and have tried many medications to no avail. This putty sounded interesting, so I gave it a try and was immediately hooked! I no longer pick and my anxiety is way down. The beeswax and lanolin helped my skin heal and my hands look great. I love the sensory input it provides, with its slight tacky feeling and the thin layer of beeswax it leaves behind. It's also very discreet, so I can use it in meetings. My stepson has some trouble with anxiety and uses it as well and today his dad asked if he could try some! My day treatment program is very interestedin this too, so I ordered them an evaluation kit. We are spreading the fidget putty love! Red clover tea is our family's favorite scent, but we also like adding our favorite essential oils to the plain. Thanks for a great product! Expect our order monthly, though we might just buy a pound of it next month!


I love this putty! I have tried several products over the years, but Beeswax Putty is the only one that I have found that conditions my fiber just enough to make it more manageable with out leaving a greasy residue. I am a production spinner and find that if I condition my hands it not only helps loosen them up, but over time has helped my hand strength and stamina.  I am also able to feel the fiber so much more after about 30 minutes or so of using it. I can feel every layer of my skin. So thankful to have found this- it's now my favorite go to!


 The first time I tried this was as an earplug (which was amazing).  I was able to drown out all of the noises within the office and for the first time I could focus and stay on task.  I got so much work done!  But then I noticed how good my hands felt while rubbing on my hands, I noticed the exercise that I could get with my hands and wrists.  So yeah, I'm that guy shoving it in my ears, rubbing it on my hands and squeezing it all through the work day and nights too.


I purchased this product on a whim, thinking I would find some use for it in a project down the road sometime. It's everything promised by the company and I'm only disappointed in that I thought it would have a 'bees wax' fragrance. It doesn't, having a slight smell of something I can't describe but isn't offensive. I find myself picking up a piece of it while watching tv and playing with it mindlessly. It leaves a very thin film on my skin which absorbs in after a few minutes. I prefer my hands to be hydrated so this is a plus for me. My dog is attracted to it and I'm glad that it's all natural so if she does happen to eat it I don't have to be too worried, just a little more to scoop up later!! I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a putty type substance for personal or craft use.


We Are Seeking Special Needs Teachers & Families

We are seeking teachers & caretakers of kids and adults who have special needs to work with our Beeswax Putty™. Please forward if you know of anyone that we can work with.  Interested? Start Here

Beeswax Putty™ With Many Uses

Knitter's & Spinner's "Go To"

Use Beeswax Putty™ to help with spinning fine fibers such as silk, cotton and angora with out leaving a greasy residue on your hands or your fiber. As a spinner, you will find that you are strengthening and moisturizing your hands while your fiber is being conditioned and more manageable. Helps with "fly aways" and static build up. Develops hand strength and dexterity for long hours of production spinning. Add essential oils into the putty as desired.

Increase Hand & Finger Strength

Beeswax Putty™ allows you to not only strengthen your overall hand but individual finger and wrist strength as well. Increase your dexterity and flexibility by warming the putty in your hand. Perfect if you intend to strengthen your grip, work with an occupational therapist, or simply looking to increase range of motion and mobility.

Add Your Own Essential Oils

Warm Beeswax Putty™ in your hands and massage in your favorite blend of essential oils.  Enjoy the benefits of a custom blend of soothing scents and aromas during your therapy.  Especially effective by adding emu, arnica and hemp seed oils.

Other Uses

Beeswax Putty™ can be used around the home as a wood finishing wax, to "unstick" a drawer, preserve bronze, lube screws, condition a wood cutting board, polish concrete counters, preserve a patina and waterproof leather.


Legal Notice & Safety

We can be reached by emailing
beeswaxputty@gmail.com or, calling (541) 646-4495

Beeswax Putty™ is considered nonpoisonous, but it may cause a blockage in the intestines if someone swallows a large amount. (Source)  WebMD states that beeswax is "Likely Safe" if ingested or used topically.  (Source) People with known allergies to our ingredients should seek medical advice prior to handling our products.  Schools should obtain written permission slips from parents and caregivers where bee allergies have been noted.  

Product is made and shipped from Medford, Oregon USA

USPTO Trademark Application completed for, Beeswax Putty™

We do not make claims that our product is a food or a drug
nor that it will cure anything.